About Our Store

     Just Stuff & Vintage Store was an idea many years in the making.  For the last 15 years we have owned an estate sale business, Everything Except Sinks Estate Sale Service.  After many years in business, collecting and storing left over stuff that didn’t sell in huge warehouses, and getting asked the same question from our shoppers “When are y’all gonna open a store.”  On December 1, 2019, we made it a reality and had our grand opening!

     Just Stuff & Vintage Store got its name because we thought to our we thought to ourselves, “What do we have, amazing vintage and collectibles, antiques, household merchandise, cool vintage clothing, amazing jewelry, but in our heads, it’s all “Just Stuff.”

     The store was a dream come true  for AlanSPO and Johnny.  AlanSPO is the first Deaf business owner in the Coachella Valley. Together we have curated a store that appeals to everyone.

     Whatever you are  looking for,  most likely we have it, wether its a a pot to cook in, a vintage vase to put flowers  in or if your private jet needs a 150k dollar Russian Sable blanket, we got it all. 

Our Team